Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Father Christmas might have the ‘naughty and nice’ list but what presents do your little ones REALLY want this year? Mummy Concierge Tiffany Norris gives you her lowdown on this years’ must haves…for babies, toddlers (and mummy and daddy too!)


£10 – £50 BUDGET

Myla and Oscar Play Cubes

These gorgeous Scandinavian wooden building blocks can be personalized with your baby’s name to make them an incredibly special Christmas gift.   The stylish modern design makes it a perfect gift that will last for many years to come – whether used as building blocks for toddlers or décor in your newborn’s nursery.


Pastel Mini Bead Coaster

These stunning pastel Mini Bead Coasters are the perfect inspiration for your baby to start creative play. And the best bit? The gorgeous pastel colours will outshine any other brightly coloured plastic baby toy you might have been tempted to buy. With a price tag of under 5 pounds there’s really no excuse for these to not end up in your little one’s stocking.


Mizzie the Kangaroo Teether

Move over Sophie, there is a new kid in town. Mizzie the kangaroo teether is an essential for any little one who is starting to sprout some gnashers in time for Christmas. This 100% natural rubber teething toy is designed to help stimulate your babies 5 senses whilst also helping relieve any pain from sore gums whist teething.


Birthday Letters to my Baby

For sentimental parents, ‘birthday letters to my baby’ is something that can be treasured by you and your little one for years to come.The idea behind this genius book is that every year you write a ‘birthday letter’ to your baby outlining all the wonderful things they have done throughout their year. Aged 18, you then give it to them as a wonderful keepsake of when they were tiny.


£50 – £100 BUDGET

MORI Gruffalo Foxprint Clever Sleeping Bag

What baby wouldn’t be happy snuggled up in this gorgeous sleeping bag from Mori? With a limited edition Gruffalo print, this cosy and warm sleeping bag also offers a seatbelt opening feature so that your little one can sleep soundly when travelling to and from to relatives’ houses over the festive period. It’s also pretty damn gorgeous too!


Etta Loves Playmat

This playmat is so much more than just something for your little one to wiggle about on: It also supports your baby’s visual and cognitive development. The black and white patterns on the mat encourage your baby to use their back, neck and shoulder muscles (helping them prepare for rolling and crawling). Not only this but it’s one of the most stylish playmats around – coming in reversable dalmatian (0-4 month print) and leopard print (5+ months).



£10 – £30 BUDGET

Solid Oak Bear Plate

Your little ones are sure to love eating off these adorable solid oak wood bear plates. Light weight, naturally anti-bacterial and fully bio-degradable, these eco-friendly plates will make mealtime fun (whilst also saving the environment!) Mr bear is the perfect snack time companion, he’s happy to hold your sandwiches, bedtime biscuits and join you on teddy bear picnics.


£30 – £50 BUDGET

Classic World Tabletop Easel

What could be more wonderful for a toddler than a tabletop easel completes with a whiteboard, a blackboard and some magnetic letters? Hippy Chick has hit the nail on the head with this muti-use tabletop easel which will entertain your little one for hours. It’s also the perfect way to help develop toddler’s creativity and language skills.


Hop-a-roo Kangaroo by V-Tech

This adorable Kangaroo hops across the floor and encourages your little one to move with it. With three different activities from kissing, singing and jumping this essential Christmas toy is a must have for any toddler. (and the best bit, it has a volume control for us parents so we can turn it down when it all gets too much!)


Touch and Learn by V-Tech

This touch and learn multi-station is sure to keep your toddler entertained for hours due to its numerus fun functions! From the writing pad and desk to the blackboard and art station, this all in one activity station! It also transforms from a desk into an easel and blackboard with plenty of storage space for art supplies to encourage play and discovery


Comic Pattern Colour In Children’s Shoes

Any fashion-conscious toddlers out there will swoon over these incredible ‘design it yourself’ children’s trainers. Complete with a selection of coloring pens, littles ones can happily sit and scribble, color and draw in order to design their own ‘one in a lifetime’ shoes!



Personalised Black and Leather Jute Shopper

For those moments when you want to remember who you are (yes, you are still a stylish party animal not just a mummy!) then this shopper ticks all of the boxes. Complete with leather handles and the option to have your bag personalised, this is a must on every mummies Christmas shopping list.


The Positive Planner

Mummy guilt can sometimes wreak havoc with our confidence so what better way than to keep track of feeling fabulous by jotting it all down in the positive planner.’ This gorgeous mindful gratitude notebook inspires you daily and encourages mental wellbeing through the use of positive affirmations, daily reflections and mindfulness activities.


Funny Things My Kids Say Book

Kids say the funniest things. Sometimes shocking, sometimes so witty, sometimes so funny and sometimes they are just like parrots and you can’t believe what they pick up on. You swear you will never forget because it is so funny and then the next day, boof it’s gone. This journal is the perfect gift for new parents to document all the quotes you never want to forget.


Philippa Herbert Fingerprint Cufflinks

For a sentimental gift for your other half this Christmas, check out the amazing fingerprint cufflinks from Philippa Herbert. How does it work? You will be sent an ink strip which you press your babies’ finger to and then send off to the PH team. A few weeks later, your cufflinks will arrive with you little one’s fingerprint on one side and their initials or birth date on the other.


By Tiffany Norris

The Mummy Concierge