Kinesiology – what is it and how does it work?

Today, studies show we’re keener than ever to try alternative therapies to help our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Kinesiology is a therapy we trialled at the Mummy Tribe Retreats last year and we asked Holistic Vibrational Healer Zoe Linden to give us the low down on this alternative therapy…

What is kinesiology and how does it work?

Kinesiology is a non-invasive complementary therapy, which uses muscle monitoring to ask the body for feedback. Muscle monitoring allows the kinesiologist to find the most beneficial technique to help resolve and rebalance. There are different branches of Kinesiology and I practice ‘Touch for Health’.

I use many complementary techniques within my practice with the aim to enhance your potential in all forms of well-being, whether it be your physical health, emotional stability, aspirations or lifestyle. 

Why should I try kinesiology?

In essence, it makes you feel better by identifying exactly what is causing you to feel unwell or just not yourself (physically and emotionally), and then finds the best solutions to help.  As individuals we are affected in different ways by different things, so each treatment is completely tailor made for you.

How does the outside world affect us?

Our life experiences and surroundings shape who we are. They can affect us in emotional, physical and spiritual ways. Everything we do has an impact on our energy, either raising it or lowering it.  For example, work, relationships, conversations, tiredness, what we eat, the list goes on. Frequently we hold on to negative experiences and need help to realign ourselves. If we ignore them, it can lead to poor health and that’s where I am able to help clients.

What are the success stories?

I work particularly with clients with emotional issues: low self-esteem, fears, anxieties, low energy. One of my recent success stories was a client in his 40’s who was suffering from depression. He was on a waiting list to be seen by the mental health team and had been given an “urgent” appointment, but it was 3 weeks away and he needed help right then. Things were desperate. After the first consultation, his mood had transformed. He responded to Meridian energy work, a 14 muscle balance (traditional Kinesiology), a sound balance, dietary changes and vitamin supplementation.

The next day his partner contacted me and said that he felt more buoyant, that a weight had been lifted, and that he just felt so much better.  He had tried so many things before and none of them had worked. I have continued to treat him to ensure that his health continues to improve.  It’s very rewarding when you see someone’s life have such a wonderful change.

What changes can I make in my life to improve my energy?

Every person is individual so what helps one may not help the next. The important thing is to try and find out what raises vitality rather than lowering it.  The usual things of eating well and regularly, finding an exercise that you like doing and interacting with good people are all important. However, my number one recommendation is to try and meditate each day, it reduces stress levels and allows our bodies to properly relax, and its free!

Is Kinesiology regulated?

Yes. You can find registered practitioners at All members must continue with on-going studying to keep up with their registration (personal learning, professional client hours and courses)

Zoe has a therapy room in the beautiful village of Mayfield, East Sussex. She is a holistic healer and uses Kinesiology in combination with other complementary therapies; Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Tibetan Healing, Sound therapy, EFT and more.  

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