Style Tips for New Mums

1) Opt for a print or pattern.

Babies have a great habit of being sick on our shoulders, and black is going to be the worst colour for showing this up! A print will camouflage milk stains and the odd piece of shepherd’s pie you hadn’t noticed was on your leg (isn’t weaning fun?!).

2) Accessorise.

If your children are small enough to grab earrings, you may be better off choosing a nice pendant necklace or bangle instead! Chunky costume jewellery works as a great distraction for kids, so avoid the dainty pieces and choose necklaces with big pendants. 

If you’re not keen on costume jewellery, stock up on pretty scarves for the forthcoming cooler months. Accessories are cheap, jazz up any outfit, and they add life and colour to the face! Perfect for those that have had sleepless nights with a little one!

3) Buy a biker jacket.

A biker jacket is an instant way to look and feel stylish. You can wear them with EVERYTHING, from jeans, to harem trousers, to jumpsuits and dresses. You could even wear your biker with a pair of jogging bottoms and trainers for a comfy, casual look. You don’t have to spend loads on a biker jacket, and many of the best ones can be found in your local supermarket clothing department.

4) Don’t save your clothes for best.

Sitting in a soft play area in winter, with rubbish coffee and bare feet, is enough to make anyone feel rubbish! 

Wearing a fabulous outfit will make you feel happier, more inclined to chat and make new mum friends and manoeuvre easily. After all, it’s much easier to crawl through a ball pit in a dress and tights, than it is in tight skinny jeans! 

Dresses are great for the Autumn/Winter months and you can wear them with tights for a stylish, casual look. They are comfortable, stylish and you can tackle any soft play zone in them!

5) Ditch the jeggings for some jeans!

After the comfort of maternity wear, jeggings are the obvious choice, over a pair of jeans. However, jeggings won’t flatter your shape in the same way that a pair of jeans will. Choose a high waisted pair that will feel comfortable and stay in place. 

Don’t worry if you have to size up one or two sizes. Remember, nobody else knows what size you are, and you’ll look fantastic in a pair of great fitting jeans that fit you well. 

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