Interesting Activities for Your Little Ones

Here’s some interesting activities to keep the little ones occupied during their time at home. We’d love to see what you’ve created – send photos to our Instagram page @mummytribe and we’ll share your creations!

Mummy and Me Journal

Download and print out Mummy And Me journal to help capture some precious moments. You can get them to draw a little picture, ask them about their favourite part of the day and also ask how they are feeling. Open up the communication and use it in whatever way works best for you and your family.

Homeschooling Timetable

Download this printable homeschooling timetable to help you put in place a schedule to keep your child’s routine in place.

Write a Letter

Download and print this so that your little ones can write a letter to a family member, maybe send it to a local nursing home or even someone in your local community that are on their own. You could even draw a little picture on the back.

Draw a picture of your favourite
thing to do at home…

Download and print this frame for your little ones to draw their favourite thing to do at home. Take a photo when your child has finished their drawing and send them to us via our Instagram page @mummytribe and we will share it on our stories.

Learn Your ABC’s


Download and print a little little sheet of ABC’s to stick on the fridge.