Our Aptamil Profutura Growing Up Milk Review

India is now 18 months and is starting to reach many of her developmental milestones. She has a new surprise for me every day and although she has taken a while to get there, she’s recently gone from hopping around on her knees like a bunny to learning to walk and has even started running. She’s also started saying her first few words and I can’t wait until we can have proper chats.


What our toddlers learn in such a short space of time is truly remarkable and between the years of 1-3 is when they reach all of these developmental milestones. With so many things to learn, I try to make sure India gets all the right nutrients to help her along the way.


I recently learnt that your toddler needs 4.5 times the amount of iron as an adult male! This is all relative to their size, but got me thinking about the different ways I can help India get this source of iron on a diet that is suitable for her.


India loves her milk at night and when she turned 1, I started using the Aptamil Profutura Growing Up Milk. It contains lots of nutrients and guarantees a basic level of vitamins including vitamins A, C & D, calcium and Iron, which supports normal cognitive development, at an age when little ones are notoriously picky eaters! It’s perfect for helping India get the right nutrients she needs, together with her varied and balanced diet.


The formula for the Aptamil Profutura Growing Up Milk formula has been developed by a team of 400 scientists and experts over a 40-year period, so I felt confident that this was the right product to introduce her to.


India loves her food and I try and introduce her to as many food groups as possible. She has never been a fussy eater, but I know some parents might be concerned that their little ones won’t take to the Aptamil Profutura Growing Up Milk. However, I will say that it was an easy transition introducing India to this milk, as she took to it straight away and is still loving it now.


I love the fact the Aptamil Profutura Growing Up Milk ensures she is getting all the nutrients she needs alongside her normal foods. At a time where there are lots of changes being made to her diet, and solids are starting to be introduced, I recommend the Aptamil Profutura Growing Up Milk as a reliable and relatable product to aid your little ones in this transition period.


Binky xx


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