Mummy Tribe Taster Weekend

Our taster weekend was a chance for us to test drive our brand new Mummy Tribe Retreats. We invited 9 mums to attend the weekend. The choice to bring babies was optional and some mums made full use of our childcare services, whilst others chose to get some much needed ‘me’ time and attended the retreat without their children.
The workouts were not compulsory although mums were encouraged to do at least three over the course of the retreat.

Day One:
Day one began with an introduction from Binky and her trainer Tyrone explaining what they had in store for the weekend, whilst everyone sipped on a delicious but healthy strawberry smoothie.
The mums were then introduced to the childcare team, and a nanny was assigned to each child. The babies were provided with an array of toys to keep them entertained throughout the weekend in our designated play room. There was also a sleep room for babies when they wanted to have a nap which was supervised by our childminders.

We were blessed with good weather that weekend and the mums were lucky enough to exercise outdoors in the sunshine. There were a variety of exercise classes on the first day including an introductory full body workout, HIIT and circuit workouts. The mums were given a chance to unwind at the end of the day with a nice relaxing yoga class.
Between the exercise classes our mums were well fed and had access to an array of snacks including fresh fruits, salads and juices. They ate healthy meals for lunch and dinner, eating prawns or chicken with couscous for lunch, and salmon or tuna with vegetables for dinner. A delicious fruit salad with yoghurt was served for dessert.

After dinner, and once their little ones were bathed and fast asleep, our mums got the chance to relax and get to know each other. Some mums also used this time to take full advantage of the spa treatments. The mums were pampered by Secret Spa UK and could choose from an array of treatments including a Decleor 8 hours sleep facial, a full body relaxing massage, a blow dry, a manicure with gel polish and a pedicure with gel polish.

Day Two:
After a restful sleep our mums were up bright and early to begin another exercise filled day. The day began with a fun partner and group workout outside which got everyone’s heart rates going.
It was another beautiful day, so breakfast was served al-fresco in the glorious sunshine. We were then treated to fresh orange juice, delicious blueberry protein pancakes and porridge topped with berries to keep us fuelled for the rest of the day.

After breakfast some of the mums spent some quality time with their babies and took them out to play on the beautiful grounds. The Yoga class also took place outside in the sunshine as the weather was so great. The mums finished the class feeling relaxed and refreshed and were treated to a blueberry smoothie before the next class.
The mums then took part in a core and glute workout, focusing on their pelvic floor and their abdominal muscles which were weakened after pregnancy.

Lunch was also served outside and consisted of a tasty chicken and quinoa dish. After lunch, some used this time to get last minute spa treatments whilst others took part in the fun final workout which combined everything they had learnt over the weekend.
The weekend retreat allowed our mums to exercise, relax, socialise with other mums and to become a part of the Mummy Tribe community.