Our Belief

Our Belief

“It takes a village to raise a child”. Anon

Our belief is a simple one

We believe that strong calm and knowledgeable mothers are powerful, and powerful mothers pass their power on to their children. At Mummy Tribe, we do everything we can to nurture that power. I guess you could say we take a tribal approach to looking after you, so you can look after yours.

Mummy Tribe is based on three core principles, MIND, BODY and KNOWLEDGE.
These principles are the foundation of our retreats where we start with exercise, build to mental wellbeing, and finish with expert parenting advice.

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Support network
  • Confidence building

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  • HIIT training, Yoga and Pilates
  • Physio consultations
  • Relaxing spa treatments
  • Nutritional meals designed for postnatal women

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  • Nutrition advice
  • Postpartum care
  • Postnatal fitness advice
  • Parenting talks and workshops

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Q&A With Binky

After having baby India, Binky Felstead wanted to do whatever she could to be the best possible mum,
so she sought out other likeminded mummys to create the Mummy Tribe retreats.

Why did you want to set up Mummy Tribe?

I have a passion for fitness and exercising makes me feel so happy as I always come back from the gym feeling energised. It can be hard as a new mum to find the time to exercise but I believe that when you take a moment for yourself to work out, you come back a much better mother.

Before having India, I had attended health and fitness retreats for a few nights where you did fun group workouts, ate well, were pampered and made great new friends. I would always leave the retreats feeling refreshed and reinvigorated and I craved this experience again, but I wanted to bring India with me.

It’s important to give yourself a break and staying active is even more important to me now, not just for my own goals, but because I know that it will help me in becoming an even better mum to India.

After talking to other new mums, I found a lot of them shared my view. They wanted to get back in to exercising but were struggling to fit this in to their daily routines.

I decided to combine my love of motherhood with my love of fitness and create Mummy Tribe, a health and fitness retreat where you can bring your baby along.

How did you get in to fitness?

I used to survive on a diet of toast, curry and red wine and avoided most forms of exercise. Being on Made in Chelsea, I was going out and travelling a lot and living an unhealthy lifestyle as a result. I was appearing on TV but was unhappy with my body shape.

I started exercising as I wanted to lose weight and be skinny, but my goals soon changed. I fell in love with exercising and I now exercise to keep fit, tone up and to make my body strong. Seeing the changes in my body makes me feel confident.

I also suffer from anxiety and I soon realised that exercise really helped to put my mind at ease. A good gym session will help me chill out and lift my mood.

Did you exercise during your pregnancy and if so, what challenges did you face?

I was very active before I fell pregnant and initially I had doubts about if I should continue to exercise throughout my pregnancy as you hear all sorts of stories about how it could harm the baby. However, once I did some research and sought expert advice I soon learnt that it’s perfectly safe to keep exercising during pregnancy.

Exercising throughout my pregnancy helped both my physical as well as my mental well-being, benefitting both me and my baby.

The challenges I faced when exercising during my pregnancy were mainly to do with adjusting to the type of exercise I was doing. I couldn’t do all the high impact workouts I was doing before and had to adjust my usual exercise regime. I dealt with this by seeking expert advice and learning different types of exercises which were suitable for each stage of my pregnancy. I incorporated a lot more swimming, stretching and pelvic floor exercises into my workout routines and I loved trying out new things. I learnt to listen to my body and not over do it.

Did you find it difficult to get back into exercise after having India?

I took some time off after having India to enjoy being a new mum. I was anxious about leaving India and I also found it harder to arrange a workout session as I had to fit my exercise around her routine. My first visit to the gym after having India was the hardest. However, once I started exercising and releasing endorphins I soon remembered why I loved it so much. My gym has a crèche which has been a lifesaver. I can work out, knowing that India is being well looked after and this is exactly why I love the idea of Mummy Tribe.

What top tips do you have for mums getting back into exercising?

My advice to mums would be to not rush back in to exercise. Wait the recommended 12 weeks before starting again. This is why, at Mummy Tribe, we have decided to reach out to mums who have babies 12 weeks and over.

I went to a women’s health Physio eight weeks after India’s arrival to have my abs and pelvic floor checked to see how I was really recovering. It’s a part of the body we don’t really see or think about before pregnancy, but it is so important. My abs have a very narrow but strong and functional gap, only around the tummy button, so I have been cleared to do slightly higher impact work than might be suggested for someone only a few months after giving birth. If you’re in doubt, find a good women’s health physio near you to check for you.

Finding and staying motivated is the key to fitness but once you have started exercising, listen to your body and take each day one at a time. Realise it is going to be a slow process to get back to where you were before you had the baby and set yourself realistic goals. Each person’s fitness journey is different and no matter how long it will take just remember the long term benefits exercise has on your mental and physical wellbeing.

What workouts do you do to stay fit?

I am kinder to myself since I have had India. I used to hit the gym twice a day but now I like to incorporate fitness into my day. I spend a lot of time running up and down the stairs and I’ve built arm muscles I’ve never had before just from lifting India. I also love to go for walks with her in the pram.

However, I do like to keep my exercises varied to stay interested. When I can, I do some high-intensity cardio such as interval sprints on the treadmill, and weights at the gym. It took me a while to get back in to my routine after a break, but I’m getting back into the swing of it and try to get to the gym three times

How do you maintain a healthy diet?

Healthy eating is important to me, but I also love a cheat day and I love spicy food! However, I try to drink lots of water and eat well by having lots of fish in my diet. I love salmon, mackerel and sea bass, which is surprising as I hated fish during my pregnancy. Now that India is weaning, I make sure she is eating well too and we both have plenty of vegetables.

What’s your secret to balancing motherhood, a social life and living a healthy lifestyle?

I try to be organised and fit my workouts around India’s routine. However, I also realise that with a baby no two days are the same. I listen to my body and if I am tired because India has not slept through the night I will not push myself to exercise and will catch up on some much needed sleep if that’s what I feel my body needs.

As well as exercising, I try to eat well as this makes me feel better and fuels my body for exercise.

It is important to socialise and spend quality time with family and friends who can also help with India when I need some much needed me time, whether that’s to do exercise or look after myself.

It’s easy to lose your identity when you get pregnant as your body goes through so many changes. I try not to be critical about my body and remind myself that I have created an amazing human being and should be proud of my body.